August 8, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Ring of Honor Wrestlers Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly have been added to Breakout in 2 days on August 10!!! Richards is a former ROH, PWG, and FIP Champion, in addition to being a well decorated tag team competitor, with multiple IWGP, ROH, and PWG Tag Team Title reigns to his credit. O'Reilly is a former ROH Tag Team Champion who will be bringing his unique hybrid style to PWE. This event keeps getting better and better. You DO NOT want to miss this, so get your tickets while they last. You can find all the info you need on our home page, or message us on Facebook.

August 4, 2013

The following has been announced for Breakout on August 10 at TC Howe High School in Indianapolis, IN: 

-Vader is in the house, and he will be looking for someone to maim after Kharn Alexander called him out after last months Midsummer's Nightmare.

-"Poison" Apollo Star vs. Kickboxer II-Battle of the RAAGE

-Lylah Lodge vs. Aaron Anarchy in their Final Encounter

-King Percival Crush vs. Dash Venture

Plus much more! Don't forget, presale tickets are on sale right now. We have 3-pack tickets available currently at the Southside Flea Market in Indianapolis. 20$ gets you three (3) General Admission tickets. There are only 9 left, so get them while you can! #ITSTIME #ITSINTHENAME

August 1, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: From the Pro Wrestling Elite Home Office: Due to his viscious assault of Dave Davidson, Kharn Alexander has been officially suspended. He was scheduled to defend his Pro Wrestling Elite Championship against Vader at Breakout on August 10, but his actions of late have been viewed as "unbecoming of a Champion." Rest assured though, Big Van Vader will still be present at Breakout, and he WILL be looking for competition. Who will the big man feast on at Breakout on August 10? Get your tickets now and find out! #IT'STIME

July 30, 2013

It's official! TC Howe High School will be the site for Breakout on August 10th!!! Tickets are available now via PayPal Special sale on General Admission Tickets, buy one, get one FREE! That's two tickets for $15 to see Vader's first wrestling match in Indianapolis in over a decade! Be there to witness this historic event live and in person. Get your tickets now, via PayPal, or find Pro Wrestling Elite on Facebook and send us a message, or call 812-343-4673. IT'S TIME!!!

July 24, 2013

Well Midsummer's Nightmare has come and gone, and although Madman Pondo was not there, Pro Wrestling Elite Heavyweight Champion Kharn Alexander came out with a huge victory in an historic 4-way bout. His next challenge on August 10, at Breakout, will be none other than Vader! Can the dominant champion survive an epic encounter with the big man? Or are his days as champion numbered? Be sure to keep checking back here for updates about the show, as we will be announcing a location soon!

June 25, 2013

Confirmed for Midsummer's Nightmare on July 13:

Kharn Alexander (c) vs. Mad Man Pondo for the Pro Wrestling Elite Championship

Hillbilly Jedd vs. "The Metal Messiah" Gabriel Grey

Lylah Lodge vs. Thunder Kitty

Also King Percival Crush makes his Pro Wrestling Elite debut as he joins with Team C-7, Fuji Brown and Donny Idol to take on any 3 members of Rush Wrestling Enterprises. The King has added the stipulation that if RWE wins, he will take his mask off! But if RWE should come up short, and lose the match, Rodney Rush himself will be forced out of PWE forever!!!!

June 18, 2013

The Pro Wrestling Elite website is under new management!!! We ask that you please bear with us, as we will be undergoing several major changes here within the coming months. Stay tuned!!!