Breaking the Ice Results

Breaking the Ice Results
Troy - Thu Oct 04, 2012 @ 04:15PM
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Official Results for Pro Wrestling Elite: Breaking The Ice

January 12th, 2013 @ The Bethel Park & Family Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

1. Brad Lamen VS Willie Loseagain ended in a no contest when the members of Rush Wrestling Enterprises beat up both competitors

2. Thunder Kitty defeated Camron Starr by submission

3. Team C-7 (Donny Idol & Fuji Brown) defeated Rush Wrestling Enterprise members James Reeves & Anthony Lee by DQ

4. The Soul Shooters defeated TJKO with the Soul Cutter

5. Devestation INC (Lou Crank, Rick Baker & Darrell Jackson) defeated Rush Wrestling Enterprises members Kharn Alexander & Revelation (Bret Havoc & Kenneth James) by DQ

6. Bobby Beverly & Facade defeated Nickie Valentino & Bobby Shields

7. Flash Flanagan defeated Ben Boone

8. Dave Davidson & Hillbilly Jedd defeated Dead Wrestling Society (Krimson & Jason Gory) in a Dead Wrestling Society rules match


Comments: 1


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