Troy - Wed Jul 24, 2013 @ 08:27AM
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Midsummer's Nightmare- July 13, 2013 at the Ernie Pyle VFW Post 1120


1. Ryan Epic defeated "Unprofessional" Adam Bueller via pinfall.

2. Justin Myers defeated Josh Crane via pinfall.

3. Scotty Young defeated Drew Lykos via submission

4. Apollo Star defeated Ace Perry via pinfall.

5. Aaron Anarchy defeated Lilah Lodge via rollup after a distraction from Gabriel Grey.

6. Team C7 (Fuji Brown & Donny Idol) & King Percival Crush defeated Revelation (Kenneth James & Bret Havoc) & Dash Venture when King Crush got the quick rollup victory over Dash Venture.

7. "The Metal Messiah" Gabriel Grey defeated Hillbilly Jedd by taking advantage of a distraction by Lilah Lodge, and using a foreign object to get the pinfall victory.

8. Pro Wrestling Elite Heavyweight Champion Kharn Alexander defeated Dave Davidson, HyZaya, and D1W Heavyweight Champion Lennox Norris to retain his championship.

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Troy - Thu Oct 04, 2012 @ 04:15PM
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Official Results for Pro Wrestling Elite: Breaking The Ice

January 12th, 2013 @ The Bethel Park & Family Center in Indianapolis, Indiana

1. Brad Lamen VS Willie Loseagain ended in a no contest when the members of Rush Wrestling Enterprises beat up both competitors

2. Thunder Kitty defeated Camron Starr by submission

3. Team C-7 (Donny Idol & Fuji Brown) defeated Rush Wrestling Enterprise members James Reeves & Anthony Lee by DQ

4. The Soul Shooters defeated TJKO with the Soul Cutter

5. Devestation INC (Lou Crank, Rick Baker & Darrell Jackson) defeated Rush Wrestling Enterprises members Kharn Alexander & Revelation (Bret Havoc & Kenneth James) by DQ

6. Bobby Beverly & Facade defeated Nickie Valentino & Bobby Shields

7. Flash Flanagan defeated Ben Boone

8. Dave Davidson & Hillbilly Jedd defeated Dead Wrestling Society (Krimson & Jason Gory) in a Dead Wrestling Society rules match


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